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Fred & Karen Wickman, Proprietors
Prospect Historic Hotel, P.O. Box 50, Prospect OR 97536
Ph. 1-800-944-6490 or (541) 560-3664    fax (541) 560-3825
e-mail info@prospecthotel.com

Greetings from Fred & Karen!

Hello everyone!

We are Fred and Karen Wickman, the new owners of the Prospect Historical Hotel. We’ve worked long and hard to be able to make this dream come true. After the very first time we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast Inn, over 25 years ago, we talked about what fun it would be to own and run a B&B. Well, time has a way of getting away from us, and now after 3 children, a couple of homes, several jobs, and many, many moons later, we finally get to step into our dream.

When we decided to look into this life style, we made up a wish list of what the property would look like. Since it was all just a dream – anything was possible!

Some of the things that showed up on the wish list were:

We both loved old Victorian style homes.
We wanted to have a log cabin type lodge or house.
We wanted a place where we could enjoy our cooking (and eating) hobby.
We wanted some acreage.
We wanted either a lake or a stream on our property.
 of course, it HAD to be out of the rat race of the urban and suburban areas. 

The search was on!

The wish list turned out to be more difficult to fulfill then we had expected. After two long years of searching the Internet and every possible real estate brokerage we could locate, we set our eyes on the Prospect Hotel. It only took one look to know we had finally found OUR place. The town of Prospect was perfect for us with its tight knit rural community. There is a great school just across the street; the forest is on just about every side, yet it is close enough to allow us the occasional trip to the ‘big city’ of Medford. Allowing an urban fix and the all essential ‘shopping’.

The Prospect Historic Hotel-Motel and Dinner House fits all of our wish list.

That’s something that never happens.

We have the grand old hotel for our Victorian; there is the fantastic restaurant, where we can both continue to hone our wonderful chef skills (and fight over who gets to wear the cool white hat). We get to live behind the Hotel and the Motel on over 5 acres with year round Mill Creek flowing by and we get to live in a Log House. This is a perfect fit!

We couldn’t have asked for a better welcome from the sellers, Mike and Jo Turner. They turned out to be friendly, upright, solid Prospect citizens, who were as anxious as we were to make sure that we ‘fit the community’, and that we would be accepted. Frequently, when people buy and sell property they never even meet one another, let alone become friends. Well, not only did Mike and Jo open their arms in welcoming us into the community, they have been totally supportive. They have opened their home, their business, and their hearts. We have found new friends in the Turners, not just someone trying to sell us their stuff!

More on the ‘new hosts’:

Fred is a born and raised San Francisco Bay Area native. He has over 30 years experience in running small entrepreneurial companies, where he fine tuned his multi-tasking skills such that he can now balance a financial sheet and fix the plumbing at the same time. Fred’s love for the outdoors fits the fantastic scenery surrounding the hotel.

Karen was born in Pontiac, Michigan and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in her early teens. She too has a great love of the outdoors. Karen is a Registered Nurse, and has specialized in the area of Home Health Care, where she has spent the last several years as a Case Manager.

We bring great enthusiasm and a very diverse, broad ranged set of skills to the town of Prospect, and the Historic Hotel. Both Fred and Karen are accomplished cooks, having spent many a year tasting and trying out new dishes. Some of our tasty treats are sneaking their way onto the already superb menu that existed when we bought the hotel!

We welcome you to our new home and life style! Please join us for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Oh, and along the way don’t forget the wonderful food.

This is not a job – it is a life style that is fun and rewarding! Best of all – we get to live in this paradise called Prospect!

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